My favorite blog posts in Q3/2015

Before You Plan Your Product Roadmap: Are all your users using all the features in your product? Of course they’re not. Let’s talk about that. When planning your roadmap, and where the team spend their time, it’s useful to ask “how many people are actually using each of our product’s features?“. – by Des Traynor – Tags: hook canvas –

How Engineers Want to Work with Product Managers: Engineers want to build the product. They do not want to manage it. So, you can see why a good product manager is an engineer’s dream come true. They empower the engineers on their team to build things that matter by setting clear and comprehensive goals, strategy, and initiatives. – by Brian de Haaff – Tags: product management –

This Product Prioritization System Nabbed Pandora 70 Million Monthly Users with Just 40 Engineers: When it went public in 2011, over a decade after the company’s founding, Pandora employed fewer than 40 engineers. – Tags: roadmap –